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December 4, 2014
German Aid For Renewable Energy Mostly Permitted By EU Rules
On November 25, 2014, the European Commission announced the result of its investigation into aid granted under the German Renewable Energy Act of 2012 (EEG).  The investigation was started in December 2013 to determine if Germany‚Äôs support for renewable energy via surcharge reductions gave companies economic advantage over their competitors.  The EEG was not originally reviewed by the European Commission because Germany did not consider the act to involve state aid.  Because the EEG introduced a surcharge that was made to support renewable energy production, and the state set ... read more >
October 31, 2014
EU Leaders Agree On Climate And Energy Policy Framework For 2030
During a summit in Brussels on October 23-24, 2014, European Union (EU) leaders agreed to a blueprint to guide climate and energy policy through 2030. The overall goals of the blueprint are to achieve a 40 percent emissions reduction by 2030, relative to 1990 emissions levels, as well as a target of 27 percent for total energy consumption in the EU being provided by renewable sources by 2030. The EU already has a 20 percent emissions reduction target for 2020. The target is expected to help build and maintain momentum for the larger 2030 emissions goal. Individual countries will not be ... read more >
October 3, 2014
Researchers Develop Technique For Turning Winery Waste Into Biofuels
Winery waste is composed of the skins, pulp, stalks, and seeds that are left over after grapes have been pressed. This waste cannot be used for animal feed or composted, so it typically ends up as toxic landfill. Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have been investigating how to break down the grape waste and Ph.D. student Avinash Karpe has discovered four fungi, that when combined with a heat activated pre-treatment, successfully broke down grape waste biomass. This process resulted in the production of alcohols, acids, and simple sugars which could have industrial and ... read more >
September 5, 2014
IEA Releases Mid-Term Forecast For Biofuels, Renewable Energy
The International Energy Agency (IEA) released the third annual Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report. The report provides forecasts for global biofuel and renewable energy growth. Within the report, the authors predict that the expansion of renewable energy will slow over the next five years unless policy certainty is diminished. For more information, see ... read more >
July 18, 2014
EU Launches
In a July 9, 2014, press release, the European Union (EU) announced the launch of seven public-private partnerships, established under the EU's new research funding program Horizon 2020. They represent a total investment of € 19.5 billion into research and innovation over the next seven years, where the EU contribution of € 7.3 billion will unlock a € 12.2 billion investment from the private sector and the Member States. The press release is available online. These partnerships work in a number of fields crucial for Europe's economic growth, creation of jobs, ... read more >
April 25, 2014
Guidance For Characterizing Oleochemicals For Assessment Purposes Released
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently released its document "OECD Guidance for Characterising Oleochemical Substances for Assessment Purposes," which is available online. The document seeks to present a "harmonised approach" for characterizing UVCB (substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or biological materials) oleochemical substances that are derivatives from animal and vegetable oils and fats. In June 2012, the OECD Task Force on Hazard Assessment endorsed a pilot project to develop guidance on ... read more >
March 7, 2014
European Union (EU) Invests In Development Of Biobased Chemicals
The EU has launched a new four-year research project called Bio-Qed, which will focus on developing biobased chemicals from renewable sources. The project has ten partners from Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Croatia, and ... read more >
February 28, 2014
Canada Invests In New Bioamber Commercial Plant To Produce Biobased Succinic Acid
On February, 19, 2014, it was announced that BioAmber Sarnia, Inc. (BioAmber Sarnia) has received a $10 million loan from the Government of Canada to help the company build the largest commercial plant that will produce biobased succinic acid. Funding is being provided under the Canadian Government's AgriInnovation Program, which is an initiative designed to accelerate the pace of innovation by supporting research and development activities in agri-innovations. The BioAmber Sarnia project is expected to create 60 direct and 155 indirect jobs, and help corn farmers by requiring in the ... read more >
February 14, 2014
AVA Biochem Begins Production Of Renewable 5-HMF
AVA Biochem has announced that "commercial scale production of the high-purity renewable platform chemical 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (5-HMF) has started at the Biochem-1 facility operated by AVA Biochem in Muttenz, Switzerland." This renewable 5-HMF will be used in a variety of applications, including chemicals and products. A copy of AVA Biochem's press release is available ... read more >
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