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February 26, 2015
ICCT National Case Studies On Waste, Residue, And Cellulosic Biofuel
On February 16, 2015, the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) released a report, National Case Studies on Potential Waste and Residue Availability for Cellulosic Biofuel Production in the EU. The report is an addendum to the Availability of Cellulosic Residues and Wastes in the EU report that was released in February 2014. This study showed a significant potential for biofuels produced from waste and residues in Europe. It concluded that if the European Union (EU) set policies promoting sustainable low-carbon-transport fuels, over 100,000 permanent jobs and ... read more >
February 26, 2015
Weekly Roundup of Other Biobased News
■ Reuters, "EU Lawmakers Back New Limit for Food-based Biofuel"  ■ Industrial Biotechnology, "Toxicity of Cellulose Nanocrystals: A Review" ■ Ethanol Producer Magazine, "Successes, Challenges Outlined at Annual RFA Ethanol Conference" ■ Reuters, "Update 2 -- U.S. EPA to Propose Biofuels Standards this Spring – Official" ■ Ghent Bio-Economy Valley, "Mars Presents Biobased Wrapper" ■ Trade Only Today, "Miami 2015: BRP Debuts New Biofuel Alternative" ■ The Hill, "Repeal ... read more >
February 12, 2015
Weekly Roundup of Other Biobased News
■ Domestic Fuel, "New President for Poet-DSM Joint Venture" ■ Packaging Europe, "The Future of Corrosion Protection with Nature's Best" ■ Biobased Industries Consortium, "Newly-formed Bioeconomy Alliance Calls for EU Action" ■ eLife Sciences, "Expanding Xylose Metabolism in Yeast for Plant Cell Wall Conversion to Biofuels" ■ ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, "A New Class of Bio-Based Paper Dry Strength Agents: Synthesis and Characterization of Soy-Based Polymers" ■ Business Standard, ... read more >
February 6, 2015
Scotland’s IBioIC Seeks Submissions For £250,00 Funding Award
The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) is inviting applications for its third Exemplar Program project competition for industry-led collaborative research projects using innovative applications in biotechnology. IBioIC is requesting applications from projects with a total value of up to £250,000 that demonstrate a defined market need and commercial opportunity. Deadline for applications is March 26, ... read more >
February 6, 2015
BASF Leaves Bio-Acrylic Acid Partnership
On January 27, 2015, BASF left the research and development (R&D) collaboration with Novozymes and Cargill that it had joined in 2012. Novozymes and Cargill have worked to develop a process to produce biobased 3-hydroxypropionic (3-HP) and acrylic acid from renewable materials since 2008. In BASF's absence, the two remaining companies are looking for a third partner for the project. The R&D project has already produced 3-HP in pilot scale and converted 3-HP to glacial acrylic acid and superabsorbent polymers. The goal is now to commercialize 3-HP to biobased chemicals in order to ... read more >
January 29, 2015
Call For Papers And Registration For The Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference
 The 19th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference will be held on July 14-16, 2015, in North Bethesda, Maryland.  The theme of this year’s conference is “Catalyzing Innovation,” and there will be 14 different tracks over three days that attendees may choose from.  There will be four keynote speakers throughout the conference:  Chris Coons, Deborah Mielewski, Angela Belcher, and Frances Arnold.  This year’s Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference will be particularly exciting as the Presidential Green Chemistry Award will return to the ... read more >
January 29, 2015
European Union Stimulus Plan Reduces Funding To Biofuels Research
 The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has announced which research areas would suffer as a result of the €2.7 billion worth of budget cuts made to help fund a €21 billion economic stimulus plan.  The stimulus plan, called the European Fund for Strategic Investment, was first announced in November 2014 and more details were released on January 13, 2015.  The €2.7 billion in cuts came out of the European Union’s research funding program Horizon 2020, with production of food and other biobased products losing €180 million over five years and ... read more >
January 29, 2015
Integrated Seawater Energy And Agriculture System Unveiled
 The Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium discussed its plan for the Integrated Seawater Energy and Agriculture System (ISEAS) at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.  ISEAS would produce both food and sustainable fuel in coastal desert regions by adding seawater to ponds where fish and shrimp are grown for food.  The wastewater from the ponds will be taken to fertilize and water salt-tolerant halophyte plants that will then be used as biomass to produce an aviation biofuel.  ISEAS is expected to be a nearly closed loop system with the only loss occurring during normal ... read more >
December 11, 2014
DOE Announces New Funding For Bioenergy Research
On December 4, 2014, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced it will provide up to $7 million for two bioenergy projects that aim to reduce the cost of delivering biomass feedstocks to biorefineries.  The College of Environmental Science and Forestry at the State University of New York administers one of the projects and focuses on reducing the cost of woody crops while improving harvest and preprocessing operations to meet biorefinery specifications.  The second project, out of the University of Tennessee, will develop a biomass processing depot that blends multiple biomass ... read more >
November 21, 2014
EERE-Funded Projects Recognized
Dutch multi-national specialty chemicals company AkzoNobel and Canadian renewable biofuels and chemical company Enerkem announced their partnership to research the use of non-recyclable waste streams as raw materials for chemical production. The two companies' research will be supported by the Northern Netherlands (NOM), Groningen Seaports, Rotterdam Partners, and InnovationQuarter. The goal is to establish a group in which each party has a specific role -- investment groups, chemical companies, waste management companies, and the government. A plant in Delfzijl or Rotterdam in the ... read more >
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